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Deluxe Starter Kit

Deluxe Starter Kit
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Deluxe Starter Kit
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Suncig Deluxe Starter Kit

Our Deluxe Kit is great electronic cigarette starter kit .
It has been our most popular kit since it's introduction.
It comes with everything you need to start enjoying a lifestyle
without tar, odor, ash and second hand smoke.
It features the Suncig "PCC" a handy portable charger case
the size of a regular cigarette packed that charges your e-cigs
while you are on the go.

The Suncig Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

Portable Charging Case 1 Portable Charging Case (PCC)
Best Electronic Cigarettes 2 Electronic Cigarettes (Batteries)
Wall charger 1 Wall Adapter / Charger
USB adaptor 1 USB Charger
Best Electronic Cigarette Cartridges 5 Cartridges - Equal to 5 Packs of Cigarettes (your choice of flavor)

The Suncig PCC is a convenient Electronic Cigarette Charger Case.
It holds 5 Cartridges (cartomizers) and 2 E-Cigarette Batteries.
While using 1 battery you can charge the other on the go,
no need to worry about having a spare full e-cig battery.

Please Note:
All our E-Cigarettes and Cartridges are intended for sale to adults 18 years or over and smokers!


Suncig the best Electronic Cigarettes


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