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Portable Charger Case

Portable Charger Case
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Portable Charger Case
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Suncig Portable Charger Case

Suncig Deluxe Personal Charging Case (PCC) is a must have Electronic Cigarette Accessory,
it provides on-the-go charging of your Suncig Electronic Cigarette Battery.

The elegant, yet robust Suncig charging case is a must-have for all electronic cigarette users.
It incorporates the latest technology to provide portable charging for your Suncig batteries.
It can hold 2 batteries and 5 cartridges.

Before charging the portable charger case (PCC), please make sure to remove any batteries
from the charging port of the travel case to prevent any damage to your electric cigarette.
You have 3 ways to charge your Suncig portable charger case.

1 - Charge the PCC by using the Suncig wall adaptor.

2 - Charge the travel case by using the USB port on your Desktop or Laptop.

3 - Charge the travel case by using the car-charger (sold separately).

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